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For a variety of reasons, the first national Training Week for Volunteers to work in Summer Camps, due to be held at Longtown Outdoor Education Centre from April 7th to 14th  2018, has had to be postponed to Easter 2019.

The Summer Camps Trust regrets the need to postpone this course, and will be announcing the dates and venue of the replacement course very shortly

We’re seeking young people aged between 18 and 25 to volunteer time during the summer holidays to take part in children’s summer camps. You’ll train on our week-long training course in 2019 and volunteer for a week or more on a UK summer camp in July or August.

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The Summer Camps Trust believes that British children have never been more in need of quality time away from screens, enjoying running about and playing together in green fields and woodland. There has never been a time when it would be more beneficial for children from all backgrounds in our country to get to know each other as friends in the context of a happy holiday community.

We’re aiming to double the number of British children in well-run residential summer camps within the next five years, so we’re eager to find high quality staff who will thrive in a role looking after children and young people.

We know from past experience that, with proper training and experience, volunteers can do the most wonderful job of making summer camp a safe, happy and memorable experience for the children from all backgrounds who take part, and that volunteers themselves they also derive lasting and important benefits from the experience.

What are the benefits of volunteering on summer camps?

The personal benefits for volunteers on summer camps are vast and often life-changing – increased self-confidence, better organisational and management skills, the ability to work more successfully with people, and a positive attitude to life in general. The whole experience is also a lot of fun.

Volunteers commonly cite the following benefits from their summer camp experiences:

  • Learning to take responsibility and take initiative
  • Learning to work effectively with people, often leading a group and facilitating teamwork
  • Learning to troubleshoot and resolving problems
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Learning to think more positively about their own potential and their future career
  • Great experience which can lead to a future career doing great work as a teacher, youth leader or manager
  • Learning parenting skills which become invaluable in the future as a parent
  • Having a great time and a lot of fun.

What will happen on the course?

There will be sessions on:

  • How to work with children
  • How to keep them safe both physically and emotionally
  • How to deal with problems
  • How to structure a residential day

Trainees will also learn a large stock of games and other activities and ideas appropriate for the holiday-type atmosphere of a good summer camp.

Contribution to board and lodgings:

All tuition at the course is free. Participants are asked to make a £75 contribution towards board and lodging and are expected to be resident for the full seven days.

What role will I take in the summer?:

Depending on the summer camp you may work alongside paid staff, or form the majority of the front line staff working with the children.

Why is the Summer Camp Trust running this course?

One of The Trust’s long-term goals is the development of a national certification for volunteers who have undergone thorough training and then demonstrated ability to work well in non-school based residential situations. Such certification would be of real benefit to anyone wishing to enter teaching or any profession working with children and young people.

The Trust is inviting observers from several organisations with an interest in outdoor and residential education to be present for the whole duration of the course. The hope is that the course can then be improved and added to by contributions from these observers, so that we can move towards a nationally agreed scheme of training for volunteers to work in summer camps, so that many more of our 18 – 25 year-olds can give time to help staff them, and that both our nation’s children and also they themselves can reap the many benefits.     

Apply Now:

To apply for the course please download and complete the application form pdf below.

On application you will also be asked to specify at least one week in July/August 2018 when you would be available to volunteer on a summer camp run by one of the experienced providers working with the Summer Camps Trust.

You will also need to provide evidence of an up-to-date DBS check (or be prepared to have one done), and a suitable reference (see application form for more details).

Information Leaflet
Application Form

For more information:

Contact:    chris@summercampstrust.org or call 01684577033

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