About us

Welcome to The Summer Camps Trust website

Thank you for wanting to know about summer camps.

Everyone behind the Summer Camps Trust works unpaid. They do it because they strongly believe that a proper system of well-run residential summer camps would help make British children happier and more fulfilled.

They believe this from having seen many thousands of children, from all backgrounds and all kinds of schools, thrive, grow, find new friends and rediscover some “real childhood” in the relaxed and happy community of a good summer camp.

They have also seen thousands of young adult volunteers enjoy stimulating training weeks and then do great work with children as summer camp leaders, while also benefiting themselves enormously in the process.

Ways to get involved

If you are a parent with children aged 9-15 please consider enrolling them for a Try Out Summer Camp.

If you decide that summer camps are not for your children it would be really useful for us to understand what your concerns are. Please complete the poll that should appear to the right.

If you are aged 17-25 do consider signing up to train and work as a volunteer summer camp leader.

If you could support the Trust in any way please do get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.