Building Confidence, Maturity and Independence at XUK Summer Camps

Guest blog by Rachel Daniel, XUK

Having spent six summers working on summer camps with XUK, Rachael Daniel tells us all about the confidence, maturity and independence that young people gain from their experiences at summer camps:

“I wasn’t fortunate enough to take advantage from the benefits as a summer camp myself, as a child. As I embark on my sixth summer working at a summer camp, I feel so privileged to see the benefits that our children and teens benefit from each summer!

Over the years, I have seen children return to camp year after year. Not only have they grown in age, but in confidence and maturity too. I have taken children to their parents on the day of their departure to be greeted by parents in tears. In tears because they are so proud of their children and so thankful to our camp for helping their children blossom. They arrived at camp as shy, timid children and leave as confident, independent young adults with lots of new friends from all over the world.

Summer camps allow children to be children. To have huge open spaces where they can run and play. An opportunity to put down their electronic devices and remember how great it is to make new friends in person rather than in the online world.

Our camp gives children the opportunity to try something new and to get over their fears, whether that’s a fear of heights as they climb up our climbing wall or a fear of being away from home, something they quickly forget about because they are having so much fun!

I am really looking forward to another summer of camp and watching children and teens who are fortunate enough to attend our camps flourish once again! Over the next few years, I would love to see summer camps become part of our British culture, just like it is in the USA and lots of European countries.”

Rachael Daniel, XUK Summer Camps.

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