Could you be The Summer Camps Trust’s New Partner Company?

The Summer Camps Trust is a new not-for-profit Trust determined to change the lives of millions of children in the UK for the better by giving many more of them the unique experience of well-run residential Summer Camps.

We passionately believe that there has never been a time when Summer Camps are needed by British children than today, offering “real childhood”,  happiness and a vast range of  benefits.

Across the world, Summer Camps are an important part of national provision for children. Anyone familiar with summer camps would agree that a week or so away from TV, computers and today’s pressures, just playing and laughing in green fields as part of a happy holiday community, can provide a host of benefits for young people.

As well as being lots of fun, summer camps provide a boost to self-confidence, social skills, independence, happiness, enthusiasm and positive thinking. It is a shame that many young people today miss out on the joy, the learning and the personal growth found on good summer camps. Too few of our 17-25 year olds get the chance to train and work as camp leaders, benefitting from the many life-long skills that a summer camp experience can bring.

The Summer Camps Trust is backed by educational and political opinion across the board. There is a growing consensus that time spent living with other young people in a rural setting can do wonders for children’s well-being and happiness.

In the last few years the National Citizens’ Service (The NCS) has shown how a determined campaign can succeed. By 2020, over half the 16 year olds in Britain will take part in the NCS.

The NCS are strong supporters of The Summer Camps Trust and the residential sessions that form part of the NCS (very similar to summer camps) have been very successful. The Summer Camps Trust believes our children should have the same chances from 8 or 9 years old and would like to roll out just as powerful a campaign as the NCS.

The Trust is now seeking a commercial partner or partners to:

  • Help to set up a suitable infrastructure for the organisation
  • Provide financial support
  • Support administration and marketing, e.g. by seconding a staff member

If the Trust is able to bring a national system of Summer Camps to Britain, we firmly believe that millions of children and young people could benefit. Please do think about helping.

Chris Green, The Summer Camps Trust