2019 Volunteer Training Weeks for Summer Camp Leaders

Updated April 2019


The Summer Camps Trust will welcome 60 to 80 young adults, in April 2019, to become leaders in residential summer camps. The participants will be students, young teachers, people on gap years, or anyone aged from 18 to 25 or so who is attracted by the idea of working with children from all backgrounds and giving them the experience of a great holiday together in a well-run residential summer camp during the summer holidays.

Volunteers in this age group can offer an enormous amount to children in the context of a residential holiday. They are seen more as like older brothers and sisters than like teachers, and often relate to the children better than many teachers or parents. They can also throw themselves into the activities and the life of the summer camp with as much enthusiasm as the children, which helps everything go with a swing and everyone have a great experience.

But of course to do the job well people need really good training, and that is what the week at the training course will provide. Trainees will learn about working with children and teenagers, getting to know them, keeping them safe both physically and emotionally, and making sure they get the maximum benefit from the experience of a camp. They will learn about organisation, management and leadership skills. They will also go away with a large stock of ideas for children’s activities  –  lots of games, indoor, outdoor, quiet and boisterous, songs to sing, things to make, stories to tell, puzzles to solve, and much more.

In addition, those at the training weeks will have a great time, with lots of fun and laughs, as well as the chance to meet interesting people. They will find out, by living the same kind of experience for themselves, just how enjoyable and beneficial a week’s summer camp can be.  Many of those who have done this kind of training in the past have found it had a great effect on their view of their own potential. One person said “Going on the training course was easily the best decision I have made for myself, possibly ever. I learned new things every day, about the job (of being a leader) and about myself too.” Someone else said “If it were possible for everyone to spend a week on this leader training course, the world would be a much better place.”

Following a successful training week at Longtown in April 2019, the Trust will offer a further training week in July 2019 – dates and venue to be announced shortly.  See the Volunteer page.

Interested in volunteering? – Follow this link.