Feedback from young people


Aged 14

“Summer Camps give me an experience I don’t get anywhere else. You can just be yourself and there isn’t any day to day stress.”


Aged 15

“I think Summer Camps really allow the best in people to come out and everyone who goes on them gets changed for the better.”


Aged 16

“I have done so much in the space of one week. This was my fifth year and the magic hasn’t stopped.”


Aged 13

“I had the time of my life and didn’t miss home at all. By the end of the week I was really good friends with everyone there”

Feedback from parents

Mrs B


“I love the way my urban teenager happily abandons Facebook and make-up for the simple pleasures of games, singing, handicrafts and the great outdoors. Every year I worry she will have outgrown Summer Camps but every year she returns wanting to go again. Great stuff!”

Mrs M


“He has been talking about it ever since. He particularly enjoyed the wonderful imaginative games and the opportunity to do drama and music. I was delighted there are still people who value these kinds of activity and can organise them so well.”

Dr. Jim Sutherland


“All of my four children have benefited hugely in enjoyment and development from attending summer camps. I think any away from home residential experience is likely to be helpful, but the particular ethos behind ATE is especially beneficial in our modern hi-tech world where interpersonal skill development may be lacking in young people’s lives. As a GP I have found it particularly helpful when subsidised places were offered to some of my most needy families. I sincerely wish that more children could be exposed to such a potentially life-changing experience.”

Mrs K


“It was really a rite of passage for him. He came back from it a far more self-assured and contented person”

Mrs A


“I was dreading him going as he has dyspraxia and sometimes struggles with confidence and social skills. He came back a different boy, full of confidence and maturity”

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