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We aim to double the numbers of UK children attending summer camps within 5 years, and for 1 million children to be taking part in summer camps every year by 2030.


Help us to spread the message

We aim to raise the profile of well-run residential summer camps in Britain and to highlight the benefits that would follow for children and teenagers such as benefits to our children’s happiness and wellbeing, to family life, to our education system, to parenting skills, to the fitness and mental health of our population and to the life of our nation in general.

Help us to raise funds

In order to achieve growth on this scale, we’re looking to appoint a full-time member of staff. This member of staff would mount a campaign aimed at parents, schools and government to promote positive attitudes and a growth in confidence about the benefits that a larger system of summer camps would give to our nation and its young people. If you or your organisation could help to support this financially or by seconding a member of staff, we would love to hear from you.


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