The Summer Camps Trust

Enriching Children's Lives

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The Summer Camps Trust

A recently established charity whose aim is to introduce more young people to all the fun and many benefits of well-run residential summer camps.

The Trust is working to raise the profile of summer camps in Britain and hopes to move towards the kind of national system found in the USA, Canada and many European countries, where summer camps are a real highlight of most children’s lives.

Summer camps are residential children’s holidays held in country mansions or outdoor centres, occasionally under canvas. Each camp brings together between forty and seventy 9-15 year-olds from many different schools and parts of the country for a week or thereabouts, to have a great holiday and a lot of laughs together. They offer a wide range of holiday activities and a happy experience of community living. Children have an unforgettable time while gaining confidence, social skills, enthusiasm, independence and creativity.

How the Trust is Making a Start

The Trust will be promoting a programme of 'try out' summer camps aimed at recruiting five hundred 9 to 15 year-olds who have never yet tried a residential summer camp and giving them a great experience at a very low cost.

The Trust will also be recruiting and training young adults, aged at least 17, to work as volunteer leaders in summer camps. They will take part in residential training during the Christmas holiday.

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Try Out Summer Camps

Have your children ever been to a residential summer camp? No?

Then why not make 2019 the year they try it out? There will never be a better offer.

Most children in the USA, Canada, France, Italy think of their annual week at camp as the best fun of the year. Their parents see their confidence, social skills, wellbeing and happiness getting a real boost too.

To enable 500 British children to try out a summer camp, The Summer Camps Trust is promoting a programme of affordable Summer Camps in August 2019.

  • Two in a beautiful part of Sherwood Forest
  • two more in a magnificent outdoor centre on the Welsh border near the Black Mountains

Only costing about half what most providers charge; in fact as cheap as a week’s childcare. This price also includes accompanied travel.

As well as having plenty of time to chat and make new friends from all over Britain, children can also look forward to great things to do:

  • Outdoor activities like rock climbing or rope courses
  • All kinds of games, from sporty-type ball games to guessing games, mystery games, party games
  • Stories and singing around the campfire
  • Exploring the local woods and fields… maybe even camping out for a night
  • Treasure hunts and following trails through the woods

Children aged 9 to 15 from all kinds of schools and all parts of the country will live a happy holiday week together, filled with fun, laughter and friendship, along with a busy programme of great things to do.

Make 2019 the year you try a summer camp for your children. They - and you - will be glad you did.

Kingswood Camps

Training and working as a volunteer summer camp leader

Are you between 17.5 and 25 years old? Are you interested in working with children?

Can you spare a week of your holidays for something that is great fun and does a lot of good?

Working as a volunteer leader in a good summer camp means you are:

  • Helping children spend more time in school holidays being active and having fun together rather than shut away with phones and tablets
  • Acting as an “older brother / older sister” to many children who really need this kind of support
  • Enabling children from all over the UK to enjoy a happy holiday together

And the experience gives you:

  • Some great training which is really useful in many different contexts
  • Improved skills in leadership and working with people
  • Some unforgettable fun and laughs as part of a happy team of young adults

The training week and the summer camp work are excellent additions to CVs and Personal Statements. They can also be part of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award.

Why not sign up now? It can be a life-changing experience.

Our Targets

Under 2% of the UK’s children currently take part in Summer Camps every year. We aim to double the number by 2025, and have one million children participating in summer camps by 2040.
UK Children on Summer Camps by 2025
UK Children on Summer Camps by 2040

The Benefits of Summer Camps


On summer camps children have the chance to just be children, away from the pressures of school and the commercial world.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Exploring, playing in the woods and taking part in activities in the Great Outdoors makes children fitter, happier and more relaxed.

New Skills

Children are encouraged to try new things, and in the process they often discover new hobbies or talents, and often find they enjoy things they didn’t expect to enjoy.

Social Skills and Mixing

On a summer camp, children will meet others from diverse backgrounds and live closely with them in a community. They learn to be tolerant, understanding and learn to value their own contribution to the community.

Wellbeing and Mental Health

Summer camps provide a different rhythm of life and, for many, a much needed change where they are able to spend their days playing outdoors, eating well and sleeping soundly. Through having fun together and living within a community atmosphere, young people feel valued and more positive.

Great Young Leaders

The young adults who work with the children on summer camps are positive role models, providing a rare opportunity for a child to interact with an adult who is not part of the family unit or a teacher. Their leader will care for them, offer them support and advice when needed, and always be there for them throughout the week.


The Trust is run by a Board of Trustees of summer camp experts with a broad and comprehensive knowledge of summer camp provision in the UK. The board includes representatives from each of the main political parties, and has wide and enthusiastic support in the educational and outdoor industries.

British Summer Camps

The Trust’s members are a diverse group of practitioners and supporters of Summer Camps in the UK:

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Members pay an annual subscription to the Trust.

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