The Summer Camps Trust

We believe summer camps can transform children's lives

Summer Camps Trust

A recently established Charity, with the aim of introducing young people to the benefits that summer camps can have. We are beginning this journey by raising the profile of well-run residential summer camps in Britain so that more may benefit from these remarkable opportunities.

Summer camps are residential breaks held in country mansions, outdoor centres and sometimes under canvas. These residential camps consist of a group of 8-15 yr olds from all over the UK, coming together for a week, where they have real fun and a great holiday together. Encouraging groups to take part in a wide range of activities, these unique camps offer experiences that can help to build confidence, gain independence, learn social skills and explore new talents.

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Affordable Summer Camps

Our camp options in 2019 are now open for booking. Camp programs offer young people a great camp experience, whilst learning new life skills, making new friends and taking part in a wide range of outdoor activities.

Book a seven day residential holiday, including Accompanied Travel to and from the camp (selected destinations). Our 2019 Affordable Summer Camps will run across two sessions in August 2019, from three beautiful locations.

Our Targets

Under 2% of the UK’s children currently take part in Summer Camps every year. We aim to double the number within five years, and have one million children participating in summer camps by 2030.
UK Children on Summer Camps by 2022
UK Children on Summer Camps by 2030

How the Trust is Making a Start

In August 2019 the Trust will be promoting a programme of affordable summer camps aimed at recruiting five hundred 9 to 15 year-olds who have never yet tried a residential summer camp and giving them a great experience at a very low cost.

The Trust will also be recruiting and training 70 – 80 young adults, aged at least 17 ½ to work as volunteer leaders in summer camps. They will take part in seven-day fully residential training weeks during the Easter holidays.

The Benefits of Summer Camps


On summer camps children have the chance to just be children, away from the pressures of school and the commercial world.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Exploring, playing in the woods and taking part in activities in the Great Outdoors makes children fitter, happier and more relaxed.

New Skills

Children are encouraged to try new things, and in the process they often discover new hobbies or talents, and often find they enjoy things they didn’t expect to enjoy.

Social Skills and Mixing

On a summer camp, children will meet others from diverse backgrounds and live closely with them in a community. They learn to be tolerant, understanding and learn to value their own contribution to the community.

Wellbeing and Mental Health

Summer camps provide a different rhythm of life and, for many, a much needed change where they are able to spend their days playing outdoors, eating well and sleeping soundly. Through having fun together and living within a community atmosphere, young people feel valued and more positive.

Great Young Leaders

The young adults who work with the children on summer camps are positive role models, providing a rare opportunity for a child to interact with an adult who is not part of the family unit or a teacher. Their leader will care for them, offer them support and advice when needed, and always be there for them throughout the week.


The Trust is run by a Board of Trustees of summer camp experts with a broad and comprehensive knowledge of summer camp provision in the UK. The board includes representatives from each of the main political parties, and has wide and enthusiastic support in the educational and outdoor industries.

British Summer Camps

The Trust’s members are a diverse group of practitioners and supporters of Summer Camps in the UK:

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